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Arlington Priest: Bio

Bio as told by Jill McAllister

We are Arlington Priest. Otherwise known as husband and wife team Rhett & Jill McAllister. We play music that is a mix of a little bit of everything - folk, country, rock, pop, even a little choral influence - so we have no idea what genre it is, but we'll call it Americana. At our shows you'll hear any number of influences in our original music and from time to time you'll hear a very well-placed (but maybe not so well known) cover.

We don't pretend to be cool in the least but we can promise you this: We love to make music, find music, play music and entertain. We genuinely have fun on stage and hope it spills over to the audience as well so they'll keep coming back. We want you to feel at home when you're with us, so you'll come back again and again.

Take care and we hope to see you soon!

The "Professional" Bio

When Rhett and Jill McAllister started writing songs together, they introduced their audience to a timeless, soulful sound 1x bet deposit bonus ....riding the thin line that divides the mainstream from the eclectic. Using their harmonies, evocative lyrics, and a bare-bones sincere presentation, Arlington Priest stand with their roots planted firmly in contemporary folk, while swaggering through a glorious mixture of acoustic rock, alt-country, and pop to land squarely in the fields of Americana.

With music that is bittersweet, heartbreaking and ever evolving, Jill's voice evokes ghosts of 60's female singer songwriters - strong yet vulnerable - capable of belting it out or quietly crooning to a whisper, without losing its emotive force. Rhett's guitar and vocals are resonating and grounding, bringing to mind the warmth of a blanket wrapping around you on a cold stormy night. Onstage, in between bouts of beautifully constructed songwriting, their playful relationship shines through. Rhett's dark, quiet sarcasm is the perfect match to Jill’s silly and crass sense of humor.

It’s like seeing Basil Fawlty and Bette Midler’s Bath House Betty affectionately duking it out in front of you.

Having established themselves as a talented powerhouse in Atlanta and all over the Southeast, Arlington Priest released their first studio album, The Memory of Your Company in 2006, produced by Will "Willis" Robertson, the group’s session/live bass player. With a good dose of helpful arranging from Robertson, Arlington Priest is establishing their identity in the territory of Americana. Rich with imaginative tales, longing and heartbreak, it’s sure to capture your imagination, as it has theirs.

Biography By:Leila Regan-Porter, writer/journalist,, Rhett & Jill Mcallister